My name is Jeremy Nickoson, I grew up in the small town of Yellow Springs OH with on a 10 acre plot with woods, a creek, and a lot to explore. I was active and outdoors from the start, so nature and landscape photography made a great addition to my adventures.

I have specialized in un-edited digital photography, I do my best to make sure what comes straight off the camera is as inspiring as it can be. I have been traveling with my camera as a hobby for over 15 years, completely self taught through trial and error and plenty of experience along the way. Photography started to become a hobby of mine during a trip to a friend’s family cabin in northern Minnesota in the Boundary Waters and I have been enjoying it ever since. I recently made a short term goal to visit all of the main National Parks over the next few years. I am most of the way there, 47 down and only 16 to go.

After a recent trip to a Dark Sky park in Utah I started dabbling in astrophotography and became a volunteer at the John Glenn Astronomy Park in Hocking Hills. Seeing the night sky in the absence of artificial light pollution is an experience that can reach people on a deep level and I believe that everyone should see our galaxy for themselves at least once in their lives.

My goal with photography is to help encourage others to get outside and experience the amazing wonders that are just waiting to be found in nature.